Fern St.

We worked hand in hand with a probate attorney from within our network. With tricky family trees, multiple people in line to get title to a house, or inherited properties – oftentimes the Seller needs to fork out upwards of $20,000 in legal and court fees just to get the property under their name. For a Seller in Riverside, we were able to help her and her daughter through the probate process – but most importantly our team paid all the legal fees upfront. It was a win-win because without our help they did not have the capital to fix the legal problem, and we were able to fix up a beat up house in the neighborhood. The property did not have electricity or running water, so our team paid those bills for almost a year to ensure the Seller had the basic needs while we dealt with the lawyers. The Seller and her daughter used the funds to relocate to a safer area and finally have the fresh start they were looking for. It was a rewarding process and we are currently in the final stages of rebuilding the property for the next family to move in.